Current Affair Quiz 6

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What is the name of the waste water this disposed during the crude oil excavation and processing?

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Which institution submitted its report on the sedition law to the law ministry?

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Which Union Ministry implements the ‘PM SVANidhi’ scheme?

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Which country has approved ‘Debt Ceiling Deal’ to raise the government’s borrowing limit?

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The Helmand River originates in which country?

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Which country recently passed the Patriotic Bill that prohibits criticism of the government prior to elections?

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Which city has successfully tested Medication Delivery via Drones with collision avoidance technology and real-time monitoring?

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What is the name of tariff levied on imported goods to offset subsidies given to producers of the goods in exporting country?

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‘Black-veined white butterfly’ was recently spotted in which city?

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As per the India Rankings 2023, which institution retained its first position in the Overall category?

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